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Royal Brock Retirement Living is an active and vibrant community in Brockville. We are proud of our activities, our commitment to senior living wellness initiatives, and our wonderful staff. Retirement residence living is engaging and fun. Scroll down for your monthly activity sheet, staff bios and other news we just have to share.

Meet Isobel & Maurice Fodey


Meet Isobel & Maurice Fodey


Isobel and Maurice moved into Royal Brock Retirement Living in June of 2018.  I asked them what made them decide to move and Isobel said “We drove by it everyday and were curious.  It seemed that we just kept hearing great things.  We heard the food was really good and that it’s a very nice place to live.  We scheduled a tour, and Stacey talked us into moving in” she says with a chuckle.

Isobel is a long-time Brockville resident who was born in the small neighbouring town of Athens.  She worked as a secretary for Gilmours Wholesale Grocery and later became a housewife. Isobel says she has known Maurice for almost their entire lives.  They were great friends all through school. Together, they have 7 children.

Maurice was born in Landsdowne and began his career in 1948 as a galley boy on a ship.  He worked up the ranks, and spent 46 years on ships.  He became a pilot and worked for Great Lakes Pilotage Authority.

I asked Maurice and Isobel if the rumors about Royal Brock Retirement were true.  “Yes! The food is great and the staff are just excellent.  Especially Scott.  I don’t like to single people out.  But he’s just wonderful.  He’s always happy to help everyone here and is always smiling.  You can really tell the staff here enjoy their work.  We’re still adjusting.  We haven’t been here very long but our suite is large and very comfortable.  We have absolutely no regrets”


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