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Tucker – Essential Employee

This is such a strange time to live in.  We are in the midst of a global pandemic, something that most of us have never experienced.

Royal Brock Retirement has always been a place where if someone needed a hug, there was always someone available to give it.  Our staff here are incredible. Our vision has always been to provide the care to our residents that we would for our own family members.  Social distancing has left us unable to have that close interaction that we, as humans, crave.

Residents are currently unable to see their family members.  We do our best, but facetime and zoom, just isn’t the same as a hug.  Today, Bryanna brought Tucker to work.  He was able to give those much needed hugs.  It was absolute pure joy to see. There is something truly magical about the healing spirit of animals when we need it most.

Tucker will definitely be making another appearance, and when this pandemic is finally over I foresee a lot of hugs at Royal Brock Retirement!

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