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Royal Brock Retirement Living is an active and vibrant community in Brockville. We are proud of our activities, our commitment to senior living wellness initiatives, and our wonderful staff. Retirement residence living is engaging and fun. Scroll down for your monthly activity sheet, staff bios and other news we just have to share.

Important Reminders! Please review visitor policies below before planning your visit




  1. Prior to each visit, the visitor must:
  2. a) Pass active screening every time they are on the premises of or enter the home, and also attest that they are not experiencing any of the typical and atypical symptoms of COVID-19. They should not be allowed to visit if they do not pass the screening
  3. b) Attest to home staff that the visitor has tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous 2 weeks and subsequently not tested positive. The home is not responsible for providing the testing.


  1. The visitor will comply with the home’s infection and prevention control protocols (IPAC), including proper use of masks.
  2. a) Visitors should use a mask at all times if the visit is outdoors. If the visit is indoors, a surgical/procedure mask is required. Visitors are responsible for bringing their own masks.
  3. b) Education on all required protocols will be provided by the home.
  4. c) Any non-adherence to these rules could be the basis for discontinuation of visits.


  1. The visitor must only visit the indoor/outdoor area or suite they are intending to visit, and no other resident.


***THE GARDEN REMAINS CLOSED, and visitors are NOT to get within 6 feet during any and all visits

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