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Royal Brock Retirement Living is an active and vibrant community in Brockville. We are proud of our activities, our commitment to senior living wellness initiatives, and our wonderful staff. Retirement residence living is engaging and fun. Scroll down for your monthly activity sheet, staff bios and other news we just have to share.

Employee of The Year!

Each year, we recognize an Employee of The Year, someone who stands out, and goes above and beyond to help our residents live their best life.  This year was difficult for everyone. We went through Covid-19, something none of us have ever experienced.  The isolation for residents was very difficult, but faced with that challenge, our staff did anything and everything to ensure we helped them through it.  Keeping everyone safe and happy.

Both residents and staff cast their vote and this year Scott came in first place and Debbie was a close second.  Scott is our maintenance manager, but he really is so much more than that.  He is often referred to endearingly as the heart of Royal Brock.  He is known for his big smile and ability to make everyone around him laugh.  Even under his mask you know he’s always smiling.  He is kind and always so helpful to the residents, no matter what the task is, he is always happy to help.  He is immensely knowledgeable in his field and  is such an important member of our Royal Brock family, which has only grown closer through the pandemic.

Debbie is one of our talented nurses.  She is a born leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience, but aside from being a very good nurse, Debbie has a huge heart.  She lead the Mothers Day parade in her truck decked out with decorations, a truck-sized mask and music.  She puts so much effort into everything she does.  She just wants to make the residents smile.

Congratulations Debbie and Scott!  Enjoy your day off with pay!  You deserve it!  Thank you for Everything you do!



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