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Saving Money

I’ve noticed this past week when I posted an ad for our winter stay, several people commented how expensive retirement is.  I know it’s expensive. It’s unfortunate that there’s no government subsidy in this industry.  But it made me think of something I did when we first opened.  I had a resident approach me and tell me that he’s saving money.  I was surprised and said “Really?  You are?  Did you have a mortgage? ”  I know it’s not the typical reply from a Sales Consultant, but I couldn’t imagine someone actually saving money by moving into a retirement home, as generally seniors don’t have a mortgage or car payments anymore (which makes up a really big portion of my personal budget).

John sat down with me and said  “No, I don’t have a mortgage.  I have a background in finance and I tracked very carefully my spending habits for 6 months before I moved in, and I have just as carefully tracked my spending since moving in.  We sat down together with his receipts and his spiral note book and he showed me.  He was living in one of our more expensive units and was actually saving money since moving in.

He looked at me and chuckled and said “You’re Welcome! That’s your next marketing campaign!”

I took all of his notes and created a spreadsheet with them, and from there, a power point presentation that I still have 4 years later on my laptop.

When people see my ads online for Winter Stay at $3000.00 a month, if they haven’t researched cost of retirement, they may think highway robbery! I can rent an apartment for under $1000.00! but retirement living is not an apartment.  it’s not just rent.  At Royal Brock Retirement we employ over 50 people.  We have a full dietary staff of red seal chefs, servers, line cooks and dishwashers.  We have an incredible wellness team of PSW’s and Nurses, we have a housekeeping staff that work around the clock to ensure we have a beautiful, clean and safe building and we have a full management team that ensures everything runs smoothly in all departments.  We have entertainment weekly, programs multiple times a day, onsite exercise programs, outings and more. We have a safety alert pendant system.  If you have an emergency you can push a button located on a chain you wear around your neck.  If you push that pendant, a staff will respond to you within minutes.

I encourage you to sit down, like John did and track every single dollar you spend.  Factor in your groceries, your property taxes, your water bill, your gas bill, snow removal, home maintenance etc. We have many different styles of suites at different rates.

Below is the first slide from my powerpoint that I created from Johns receipts.  If you want to learn more, please give me a call! My name is Stacey. 613-899-7929


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