Royal Brock News

Royal Brock Retirement Living is an active and vibrant community in Brockville. We are proud of our activities, our commitment to senior living wellness initiatives, and our wonderful staff. Retirement residence living is engaging and fun. Scroll down for your monthly activity sheet, staff bios and other news we just have to share.

Staying in Touch

In an effort to stay in touch with family and friends, you will see a lot more posts from me.  I want everyone to feel as though they have a glimpse into Royal Brock while we are unable to accept any visitors. I want you to see we are okay.  I want you to see that even though residents are sad that they can’t see everyone they want to…they are surrounded by people who care about them.  We are a family.

Bryanna wanted to make that a huge priority today.  She hosted a technology session so the residents could learn how to facetime their families and friends and how to navigate facebook.

We are having Spirit Week this week. We will have a lot of activities going on every day so no one is bored, or lonely.  We are working very hard to get through this.  Please call your family members.  If you want us to arrange facetime of skype, we can do that for you. If you want to send pictures or notes through our facebook page, I would be happy to print them and pass them along for you.


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